Services to sellers – IMMEXCEL Transition

So, you’ve decided to sell your property and have chosen a residence for all the advantages that it brings. We are here to help you!

Why do business with a real estate broker?

Your property is probably your most valuable investment, which is why sound advice from a real estate professional who knows the market will be an asset in the marketing strategy of your property. You will obtain the best price, and the best terms and conditions.

Your broker is foremost a seasoned negotiator. In addition, brokers’ professional liability insurance protects the public by offering compensation in the case of an error or omission on the part of the broker. In the case of a sale without a real estate broker, it will then be up to the seller to assume the full cost of the error or omission that occurred as part of the real estate transaction.

Your broker also makes a point to be available and ready to intervene at any time to see you ultimately conclude the transaction to your advantage. You can therefore fulfil your other obligations or your leisure activities because your broker is there for you.

How do we distinguish ourselves?

At Immexcel, we have made every effort not only to sell your property at the best price and the best conditions and to offer you competitive brokerage fees, but we also offer you the services of a specialist residence adviser for retirees to accompany you in the search for your future home throughout Quebec.

Our enhanced service is unique on the market. We are here to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible.

Call us now and let us help you happily navigate this transition period. Immexcel – the pursuit of excellence in real estate is our success.