Services to sellers – IMMEXCEL Residential Brokerage

Why use the services of a real estate broker?

Do you want to sell your property? Do you want to obtain the maximum profit from the sale? If the answer is yes, entrust the sale of your home or your multi-family property to a seasoned negotiator: a real estate broker, whose one and only job is to enable you to obtain the best price, and the best terms and conditions of sale.

Your property is quite possibly the most important investment you will ever make. Your real estate broker has an objective point of view, which is a great advantage for you. In addition to establishing the best market strategy, your real estate professional’s advice will most assuredly lead to a successful sale, and so much more.

Would you like to hear even more reasons to call a real estate broker to sell your home? Brokers’ professional liability insurance protects the public by offering compensation in the event of an error or omission on the part of the broker. It is the responsibility of the seller to assume the full costs of any error or omission in the case of a sale without a broker. With a real estate broker, you have peace of mind.

Your real estate broker is also an ally at every step of the sales process. You can therefore fulfil your other obligations or engage in your leisure activities, and rest assured that everything is being taken care of for you!

Why choose an Immexcel real estate broker?

The real estate market has evolved considerably. Today, we have access to leading-edge technologies that allow us to be more efficient and obtain significant savings.

At Immexcel, we have chosen to better serve our customers by expanding our services to better meet your needs. Immexcel offers a turnkey service for which the commission is a percentage of your selling price, or our SIGNATURE service at a fixed rate according to the type of your property, for those sellers who do not require the full range of a turnkey service.

At Immexcel, we strive for excellence in our field and nothing less. Call us now to learn more about our services and fees relating to the sale of your property.