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Why use the services of a real estate broker?

Are you thinking of selling your real estate investments in a strategic manner to obtain the greatest possible benefits? When you decide to sell your real estate properties, you need a strategy! A broker specialized in this area of activity will guide you allowing you to reap the maximum benefits from your sale.

In addition, brokers’ professional liability insurance protects you by offering compensation in the case of an error or omission on the part of the broker. In the case of a sale without a broker, the seller assumes the full cost of this error or omission, in the framework of the transaction.

We are different!

At Immexcel, we have the expertise that you need! We know how to assess a property as a function of its economic value and recognize the needs of potential buyers in order to conclude your transaction.

Preparing a file for the sale of an income property is quite different from the preparation of a file for a residential property. The investor/buyer does not have the same expectations as the owner/occupant. We must therefore address each one accordingly.

We are excellent advisors in the field of real estate management and we will help you to prepare your property for sale. At Immexcel, we have understood that this preparatory work is always profitable for our customers.

To sell at the best price and the best conditions, we must be prepared from the moment the properties are available on the market. Finally, the commission fee for our services will never exceed 3%.

At Immexcel, we aim for excellence! Call us without delay to speak to one of our specialists in multi-unit housing to learn about all the advantages of doing business with us, and to learn more about our services.